Currently, importing livestock is a huge part of the total imports of the country. This is due to lack of forage and livestock inputs. Therefore, imports of livestock inputs are important in the country’s economy.

Types of Livestock Inputs

The type and amount of imports of livestock inputs are determined based on the general policies of the country to meet the needs of the country. These inputs are commonly used to feed livestock and poultry and include corn, barley, soybean meal, oilseeds, and more.

Livestock Meal Qualities

The important role of protein meal types such as barley, soybeans, oilseeds, corn, etc. in diet and meeting the nutritional needs of livestock and poultry is undeniable. These products play an important role in feeding livestock and poultry. Meals are usually of relatively high quality and contain significant nutrients. In addition, the low price of these products has led to the purchase of these products and their replacement as part of the inputs needed to supply livestock and poultry feed.

Bazargan Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company

As mentioned, the shortage of fodder has caused livestock inputs to play an important role in supplying the meat supply chain needed for the people’s table. This issue and increasing the living standards of the people, which is one of the main goals and mission of the Bazargan Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company, has led us to try to reduce the cost of livestock, livestock products and poultry by providing this product. In recent years, the Bazargan Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company has been able to import about 140,000 tons of livestock inputs, including 50,000 tons of corn, 60,000 tons of soybean meal and 30,000 tons of barley, which provides a large part of the country’s needs. It is worth mentioning that part of this product has been delivered to livestock affairs support and the other part has been sold in the market system.