In today’s world, the necessity and importance of “foreign purchases” are obvious for everyone. Most countries in the world have business relations with each other due to the diverse distribution of production factors in different regions. This has made Keyhan Faraz Caspian pay special attention to supplying companies and organizations.

Establishing these relationships requires familiarity with the arrival procedures of goods, sources of goods, familiarity with payment conditions, LC openings, insurance, transportation, product inspection, shipping documents, billing, balance, inspection certificate and discharging stages of goods.

Customs clearance is a complex and specialized process that, without having enough experience and knowledge in the field of current laws and regulations, is hard and costly.

The Keyhan Faraz Caspian company, with an experience of around a decade in all commercial matters, including clearance, commercialization, import and export, etc. with seasoned and empowered experts as well as employing experts of insurance, bank and commerce, is capable of supplying companies and organizations and carrying out all formalities of entry and issuance and clearance of goods in the least possible time and most appropriate cost.