Poultry is an integral part of the Iranian diet, and the declining economic power of the people has led them to eat more poultry instead of red meat. Also, the importance of its supply has caused the Ministry of Agriculture-Jahad to pay special attention to the production and import of poultry. There are several reasons to import this valuable product. In some cases, domestic producers do not have the power to meet domestic needs; therefore, the only way to meet the needs of the country is to use the import option. The quality of poultry, how it is frozen and stored is the most important consumers’ concern when buying imported poultry and meat. In recent years, the consumption of poultry in the country is estimated at about two million tons, and its consumption as a substitute for red meat is increasing. Due to this issue, in recent years, poultry imports have flourished and we are proud to announce that in recent years, the Bazargan Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company has been able to provide up to 20% of the market needs per year and deliver them to Ranch Affairs Support by extraterritorial production and contracts with partner companies and various slaughterhouses.

Bazargan Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company

After studying the economy and observing the economic situation of the society, we decided to do our best to provide a part of the people’s food table. Imports of poultry, which is the main alternative to red meat on the Iranian table, can meet its shortage and also stabilize prices. We hope to be able to lift a great burden from the people in this field with all our might.