Red meat has long been known as one of the most basic foods on the Iranian table, which also has a high nutritional value. Consumers’ need lead the country to import red meat, and usually mutton, beef, and camel meat are imported from neighboring countries.

Types of Consumed Meat

Red meat contains beef, sheep, calve, lamb, etc. and has many nutrients and vitamins. In imports of livestock, favorable maintenance conditions should be considered. It should be noted that the one reason why the Caspian Group is one of the few importers of this product is that it requires numerous accuracy and reviews at each stage of importing. Also, the solubility of meat is one of the other issues that should be considered at the beginning of the process.

Among the types of meats, the company has always focused on the most suitable ones (warm mutton and frozen beef) for the Iranian table.

Importance of Red Meat Imports

Special place of livestock in the food basket of people, and minerals and nutrients in it specify the importance of importing meat to meet the needs of individuals. Today, the effects of anemia and iron deficiency worldwide, especially among women, are abundantly seen. Children and pregnant mothers are also more likely to develop anemia than other people. But with enough red meat, the anemia and the lack of minerals in the body can be prevented. The consumption of nutrients in the meat is essential for body growth and strengthening the function of body organs, and the lack of each one can create individual problems for individuals.

Bazargan Keyhan Faraz Caspian Company

As noted, the presence of meat on Iranian tables is inevitable, and its presence can play a significant role in increasing the health of people of our beloved country. Importing over 15,000 tons of red meat in the past years and their delivery to support for livestock, private companies, as well as broadcasting in the free market shows the fruitful effort of the Caspian Group to reduce the price of red meat and increase people’s access to this product.